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Production advantages of light magnesium oxide

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Production advantages of light magnesium oxide

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Magnesium oxide has high activity, light weight and looseness, and is widely used in flame retardants and medicine. It is one of the promising functional materials. Huasheng Refractory Magnesium Oxide is a product with a large yield and a wide range of uses in inorganic materials. According to its use, it is mainly divided into fused magnesia, industrial magnesia, heavy magnesia, special magnesium oxide for friction materials, medical magnesium oxide and metallurgical magnesia. Its magnesium oxide content of more than 99.0% is called high-purity magnesium oxide. Then, what are the advantages and gaps in China's magnesium oxide production?

(1) Advantage

1. China is rich in magnesium resources. It not only has liquid resources such as seawater and salt brine, but also rich natural mineral resources such as magnesite, dolomite and brucite, which provides a solid resource advantage for the development of high-purity magnesium oxide in China. .

2. China is rich in energy and low in price, and it has energy guarantee for producing high-purity magnesium oxide.

3. China has a variety of raw material routes to produce magnesia enterprises. Especially in the past ten years, the dolomite carbonization method has been developed rapidly. It has formed its own characteristics in terms of process and equipment, and scientific and technological achievements are constantly emerging and used in production practice. The successful preparation and application of magnesium-containing calcium carbonate largely solved the pollution problem caused by the dolomite carbonization method. Moreover, in recent years, the traditional brine magnesium salt has been developed into high purity, high value added, functionalized and functionalized products.

4. Special magnesium oxide products have developed rapidly. Various active magnesium oxide, magnesium peroxide, special magnesium oxide (electric melting, silicon steel, electronics, high purity, etc.) and special magnesium oxide for conveyor belt have been put on the market.

(2) Gap

1. Due to the small scale and poor equipment, coupled with the failure to adopt new technologies and new equipment, the quality of magnesium salt products in China is unstable, and the material consumption and energy consumption are high.

2. China's magnesium salt production is still in the production stage of crude primary products, far from meeting the needs of national economic development. It is understood that China is a major producer of magnesium salt. According to US statistics, magnesite resources rank first in the world in China, including Dashiqiao magnesite reserves in Liaoning Province; seawater and salt lake magnesium resources are also abundant, and magnesium salts are developed. The superior conditions of the product. However, compared with the advantages of abundant resources and high grades, China's current magnesium salt production is still in the production stage of crude primary products, far from meeting the needs of national economic development. Therefore, to open up new uses of magnesium salts, we must vigorously develop the production of fine magnesium salt products, especially the development of special magnesium oxide for various purposes, such as fused magnesia frit, high-purity fused magnesia, refractory materials. , the production of magnesium oxide for ceramics and electrothermal appliances, the application and development of fibrous magnesium salts and high-purity magnesium salts

3. In recent years, although scientific research achievements of fine magnesium salt products have emerged continuously, such as active, electrofusion, silicon steel, high-purity magnesium oxide, etc., they are continuously put into the market, but the varieties and quantities cannot meet the domestic market demand, let alone export export. Due to the low production volume of fine magnesium salt, it also seriously affects the economic benefits of magnesium salt enterprises.