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Some effects of industrial magnesium oxide

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Some effects of industrial magnesium oxide

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For some of the effects of industrial magnesium oxide, there are twelve points for the special magnesium oxide mesh for friction materials. Therefore, if you look at the following explanations, you may know more about: light burnt magnesium powder.

   1. Special Magnesium Oxide for Adhesive: It has many advantages such as high iodine absorption, good dispersibility and low iron content for high-grade adhesives. It can effectively prevent delamination and sedimentation of the glue and improve the transparency of the glue. Heat resistance, improve the stability of the glue storage.

   3. Feed grade magnesia: an additive used in animal feed to prevent neurological diseases of animal feed caused by magnesium deficiency.

   4. Special magnesium oxide for cable rubber: used in rubber cable, mining cable, marine cable and other industries, which can improve the performance of anti-corrosion, acid resistance and high temperature resistance of cables, and improve the working stability under severe conditions.


5. Magnesium oxide for brake pads: mainly used for wear-resistant materials, high temperature and flame retardant, and improved material stability.

   Sixth, active magnesium oxide: mainly used in medical rubber products, adhesives and other industries.

   7. Magnesium oxide for concentrated nitric acid: used for the purification of dilute nitric acid to produce concentrated nitric acid, which mainly plays a role in water absorption during the production process.

   Eight, other special industry-specific magnesium oxide: such as reagent grade.

   Nine, pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide: used in pharmaceutical intermediates and stomach medicine additives, can effectively control the role of gastric acid and duodenal ulcer.

   Ten, high-purity magnesium oxide: mainly used for high temperature operation, used in steel industry lining and export of steel industry.

   XI. Light Magnesium Oxide: It is mainly used in many industries such as rubber, electronic ceramics, adhesives, etc.