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How is the activity of magnesium oxide detected?

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How is the activity of magnesium oxide detected?

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Magnesium oxide is widely used in life and plays a vital role in the production of some raw materials in the industry. When purchasing magnesium oxide, it is necessary to test the activity of magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide powder, for the production. In terms of raw materials, if the activity of magnesium oxide is insufficient, it is easy to cause the quality of the material to be substandard, so its activity is very important. How to carry out the test? Xiaobian will introduce it to you. Take the special magnesium oxide for adhesives as an example, let me explain it to you and hope to help everyone.

In the stock of magnesium oxide, 100 g of magnesium oxide samples were taken from different corners and different positions (not less than 3 places), and the mixture was uniformly mixed. 100 g of magnesium oxide powder was accurately weighed from the mixed powder and placed in a constant weight dry beaker, and 400 g of purified water was added to completely wet it. Place the cup in a drying oven (110 ° C), bake for more than 2 hours, then adjust the oven to 150 ° C to dry the sample to constant weight. Activity calculation method: active content of magnesium oxide = [W - 100) / 45] 100% where 100 is the weight of the sample before hydration; W is the weight of the sample after hydration; 45 is the conversion factor. Note: In order to obtain a more accurate value, three 100g magnesium oxide assays can be taken, and the last obtained active content values are added and divided by three.

Magnesium oxide activity detection The problem to be noted here is to avoid the slurry splashing out of the beaker during the heating process; the drying time is as long as possible to ensure that the water evaporates completely.