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Advantages of desulfurization of magnesium oxide

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Advantages of desulfurization of magnesium oxide

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Advantages of desulfurization of magnesium oxide

Low operating costs

The main factors determining the operating cost of the desulfurization system are the cost of desulfurizer consumption and the cost of water and electricity. The price of magnesium oxide is higher than that of calcium oxide, but the amount of SO2 magnesia removed is 40% of calcium carbonate. The ratio of liquid to gas is a very important factor in terms of power consumption such as water and electricity. It is directly related to Desulfurization efficiency of the entire system and operating costs of the system. For the limestone gypsum system, the liquid-to-gas ratio is generally above 15 L/m3, and the magnesium oxide is below 7 L/m3, so that the magnesia desulfurization process can save a large part of the cost. At the same time, the sale of by-products of magnesium oxide can offset a large part of the cost.

Reliable operation

The biggest advantage of magnesium desulfurization relative to calcium method is that the system does not have the problem of equipment fouling and blockage, which can ensure the safe and effective operation of the whole desulfurization system. At the same time, the pH value of magnesium method is controlled between 6.0 and 6.5. Under such conditions. Equipment corrosion problems have also been resolved to some extent. In general, magnesium desulfurization has a very strong guarantee for the safety performance in practical engineering.

Adequate source of raw materials

The reserves of magnesium oxide in China are very considerable. At present, the proven reserves of magnesium oxide are about 16 billion tons, accounting for about 80% of the world. Its resources are mainly distributed in Liaoning, Shandong, Sichuan, Hebei and other provinces, of which Liaoning accounts for 84.7% of the total, followed by Shandong Laizhou, accounting for 10% of the total. The other is mainly in Xingtai Dahe, Hebei, Ganluoyan, Sichuan. Hanyuan, Gansu, Subei and other places. Therefore, magnesium oxide can be completely used as a desulfurizing agent in a desulfurization system of a power plant.

High desulfurization efficiency

Magnesium oxide is much larger than the calcium-based desulfurizing agent in terms of chemical reactivity, and the molecular weight of magnesium oxide is smaller than that of calcium carbonate and calcium oxide. Therefore, the desulfurization efficiency of magnesium oxide is higher than that of the calcium method under the same conditions. Under normal circumstances, the desulfurization efficiency of magnesium oxide can reach above 95-98%, while the desulfurization efficiency of limestone/gypsum method is only about 90-95%.

Low investment costs

Since magnesium oxide has its unique superiority as desulfurization itself, the structure design of the absorption tower, the amount of circulating slurry, the overall scale of the system, and the power of the equipment can be correspondingly small, so that the investment in the entire desulfurization system The cost can be reduced by more than 20%.