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The economic impact of light burnt magnesium powder

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The economic impact of light burnt magnesium powder

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It is understood that since the "11th Five-Year Plan", Dashiqiao City has developed nearly 100 new technologies and new products of magnesia materials, broke through 47 key technologies, obtained 55 patents, and listed 58 national and provincial science and technology projects. There were 37 provincial-level scientific and technological achievements appraisal projects, and 69 magnesium-based materials products won provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress awards, outstanding new product awards and patent awards. Among them, there are 19 leading international advanced technologies and products, and 39 leading domestic advanced technologies and products, filling 26 domestic advanced technologies and products. It has formed a market-oriented, large-scale enterprise as the leader, a medium-sized enterprise as the backbone, and a magnesium industry technology innovation system based on colleges and universities, which enhances the independent innovation capability of enterprises.

    The advantage of industrial clusters with magnesium materials as the core, occupying the high-end and large-scale development of the high-altitude of the magnesium industry

   In the process of developing and expanding the magnesia material industry, Dashiqiao City has gradually formed a raw material processing, firing brick, non-burning brick, magnesium chemical, electrician that relies on resources and is dominated by intensive processing products and is led by large and medium-sized enterprises. Seven industrial clusters of grade magnesium oxide powder, light burnt magnesium powder and magnesium metal products. This clustered industrial advantage has enabled the magnesium industry to quickly occupy high-end, large-scale development of "highland", and a number of high-end magnesium products with high technology content and strong driving force have successively settled in Magnesium. The high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly fused magnesium production line project of the Dongji Group, which is included in the National 863 Program, and the representative high-end magnesium products project of the German Kepu Group Borkaite Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Project, wrote in the history of the high-end development of the magnesium industry in Dashiqiao City. Under the thick ink and color. This strong development momentum has attracted many internationally renowned companies such as Austrian Ogilvy & Mather, German Lefa, and South Korea's PuTeng Furnace Co., Ltd. to invest in Dashiqiao. At present, Dashiqiao City has 12 state-level high-tech enterprises and 66 enterprises with over 100 million yuan. Among them, Yingkou Qinghua Group's output value reached more than 9 billion yuan, becoming the largest alkaline refractory enterprise in Asia.

   In accordance with the development ideas of “diversification, high-end, large-scale, and ecological”, the Dashiqiao Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government plan to build a 100-square-kilometer Dalhouqiao City 100 billion magnesia material new industrialized park to build a high-end development for the magnesium industry. The platform. At the same time, Dashiqiao City takes the industrial park as the carrier, takes the science and technology innovation as the driving force, focuses on the project, continuously strengthens the infrastructure and project construction of the park, leads the high-end development of the magnesium industry, and organizes the development of fused magnesium and burnt magnesium. Light burnt magnesium energy-saving and emission reduction technology research, encourage enterprises to develop high-tech such as magnesium metal and alloy, fine magnesium-based chemical, high-grade magnesium building materials and magnesium functional materials, focus on transforming economic development mode, and promote the magnesium material industry to embark on resources In order to rely on the deep processing products as the leading cluster, intensive, large-scale development track.

    Accelerate the construction of magnesium-based materials industrialization base by organizing advantages featuring division of labor and cooperation

   In December 2002, the Ministry of Science and Technology approved the construction of the Yingkou National Magnesium Material Industrialization Base. In 2011, the magnesium base was reviewed and accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and named as the Yingkou National Magnesium Materials High-tech Industrialization Base. The Yingkou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attach great importance to the construction of the magnesium base, and include the magnesium base in the first of the “three major bases” of the revitalization strategy of the old industrial base in Yingkou (ie, the magnesium base, the modern logistics base, and the textile industrial base). The construction of the magnesium base shall be guided by the national and provincial science and technology departments, the leadership of Yingkou City, the implementation of Dashiqiao City, and the management system responsible for the division of labor.

   As the main bearer of the magnesium base construction task, Dashiqiao City has also set up a leading group for magnesium base construction, set up a high-end magnesia material industrial park and a basic magnesia material industrial park management committee to scientifically formulate plans, policies, and enhance macro guidance. Incentives. The Yingkou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government issued the “Implementation Opinions on the Construction of the Magnesium Material Industrialization Base in Yingkou” and formulated the “Magnesium Material Industry Development Plan”. The Dashiqiao Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have successively formulated the "Regulations on Accelerating Technological Innovation and Scientific and Technological Progress to Promote Economic Leap-forward Development", "Implementation Opinions on Improving Innovation Capabilities and Building Private Economy Counties", and "Dashiqiao City Encouraging Magnesium Materials Industry" The preferential policies for high-tech development and the “Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Magnesium Materials Industry in Dashiqiao City” will form a synergy between the upper and lower linkages, horizontal cooperation, enterprise main body and academic support, and accelerate the implementation of the magnesium base construction plan. .

   Over the years, under the guidance and support of the national, provincial and municipal science and technology departments, the construction of the magnesium base in Dashiqiao City has adhered to the government's macro guidance, enterprise market operation, and industry standardization and self-discipline. Dashiqiao City scientifically formulates the development plan of magnesium industry, continuously improves relevant incentive policies, and strengthens the macro guidance role; in project investment, construction scale and product development, enterprises make independent decisions according to market demand, strengthen the main role of the enterprise's magnesium base construction; establish Yingkou City Refractory Industry Association, strengthen industry and government communication capabilities, standardize corporate behavior, strengthen industry self-discipline; vigorously promote the comprehensive utilization of resources, high-tech magnesium materials, development and transformation of circular economy technology, optimize the development environment, promote magnesium The material industry is developing rapidly and healthily, transforming resource advantages into strong economic advantages. Magnesium material industry has become the main pillar industry of Dashiqiao City. Dashiqiao City has become the main production and supply base of magnesium refractory industry in high temperature kiln industry in China, and has become a deep processing and export with great influence in the field of light burnt magnesium powder in the world. The base has become a "China Magnesium Capital" with high reputation at home and abroad.

   During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Dashiqiao City regards the construction of magnesium material base as the key point of industrial strong city, focuses on transforming the economic development mode, solves major problems that restrict industrial development, accelerates the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and strives to build Green, low-carbon, sustainable development "China's magnesium capital", and strive to build the magnesium base into a magnesium material deep processing base with first-class innovation capability, first-class processing capability and first-class comprehensive competitiveness at home and abroad.